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Scans in Pompei

A recently launched project that is performing CAT scans on the remains of Pompeii victims contained within plaster casts has revealed that good health was widespread among people of the ancient city. “For sure, they ate better than we did,” orthodontist Elisa Vanacore said during a press conference in Pompeii on Tuesday, after analyzing some

Italy the extraordinary commonplace


During the welcome session of the World Economic Forum at Davos, the Italian Deputy Minister Carlo Calenda presented a video -produced by the Ministry of Economic Development and ICE Italian Trade Promotion Agency- that debunks commonplaces about Italy, by highlighting for each of them the real strength of the Italian industrial system. ‘Made in Italy’

Basilicata? simply priceless!

        Italian peerless beauties to discover It’s astonishing to think that around the earth there are plenty of incredible places we not even know about. World’s wonders are limitless, but even without going too far, in Italy we have many peerless beauties to discover. The region of Basilicata is one of them.

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